AEU Vic Resolution: Educating for Peace

The Australian Education Union reiterates and strengthens its longstanding commitment to peace.

Australian education unions have proud and longstanding commitments to peace, and to the role of education in promoting peace and preventing war.

In December 2023, the Australian Education Union Victoria passed a powerful resolution on Educating for Peace.

The resolution text recognises the need for “an urgent peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East” and endorses union members’ participation in actions to secure a ceasefire in the war on Gaza. The text also addresses the need for teachers to be able to use their professional skills to address the war in the classroom without political interference.

Importantly, the resolution is explicit about the value of “peace education programs and units of learning which seek to empower students through teaching them about the importance of building, maintaining, and promoting cultures of peace and eliminating all forms of violence” as well as the need for teachers to address the underlying causes of war.

Congratulations to the AEU Vic for a significant and timely resolution.

Read the full resolution.