Government’s AUKUS Program is More Distortion of Education

Investment in AUKUS skills is a diversion of public money away from the common good.

Teachers for Peace commented on the Government’s investment in 4000 university places to serve the AUKUS program.  

The Federal Government recently announced a $128.5m plan that will allow Australian universities to apply for 4,000 additional Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) targeted at graduates in STEM courses to serve the requirements of the AUKUS security arrangement.

We told The Educator Online:

“For some time, major multinational weapons companies have been interfering in STEM education in order to normalise their business, and create a ‘talent pipeline’ for the global arms industry.”

“Now, public money is being diverted away from education that serves critical human needs to meet the demands of a security arrangement that was made in secret, has not been scrutinised by the parliament, and is of no demonstrable benefit to the Australian people.”

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