Projects We Admire

A collection of international organisations and their work that coincides with our mission here at Teachers for Peace.

Aeotearoa New Zealand Campaign on Military Spending (NZ)The Aeotearoa-based branch of The Global Campaign on Military Spending. The group track the billions of dollars spent on military in the country.
Demilitarise Education (UK)dED works to expose and end university partnershps with the global arms trade by building a university database.
National Network Opposing the Militarisation of Youth (USA)The network of organsitions stand up against the militarisation of schools and young people through organised action and campaigns.
The Peace Foundation (NZ)The Peace Foundation give REACT (Responding to Armed Conflict) presentations at schools to raise awareness on international armed conflict and disarmament.
Students for Future Kassel (Germany)A student collective at the University of Kassel who focus on the climate and peace.
World BEYOND War Canada (Canada)This group call out Canada’s rising status as a global arms dealer, increasing military budget, and the militarisation of Canadian culture.