STEM in Defence SUmmit 2022

Our list of the STEM-Washers at this defence industry conference.

The following is a list of the attendees at the STEM in Defence Summit held in Brisbane in August 2022. The speaker list included such great items as :

Building a STEM pipeline for the Defence Industry from Primary School

Teresa Janowski, CEO & Founder, STEM Fast Track

You can access the full program, preserved by us forever, at this handy screenshot we saved below.


Paula Vetter of Dept of Defence
Linda Turrel of Unknown
Dusty These of Lockheed Martin Australia
Michelle Traynor-Brack of Dept of Defence
Gary Schulz of Defence Force Recruiting HQ
Genevieve Reid of Deakin University
Dr Kelvin Ross of QLD AI Hub
Stephen Shulten of Unknown
Carl Quarterman of Australian Industry and Defence Network
Toni Peggrem of QLD AI Hub
Tim Pickford of Hanwa Defence Australia
Major Melinda Salter of Dept of Defence
Dr Hadras Porat of Lockheed Martin Australia
Joanne Patterson of Dept of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Govt and Planning
Masha Nabizada of National Youth Science Forum
Tim Moloney of KJR
Tamanna Monern of SME Growth Centre
Dr Susan McGinty of AYA Leadership
Audra McCarthy of Defence Teaming Centre
Tim Lyne of Walpac
Craig Kingston of Unknown
Sandra James of Boeing
Chris Hess of Lockheed Martin Australia
Raoul Heinricks of Lockheed Martin Australia
Paul Hardy of Australian UAV Services
Flt Lt Jake Dell O’Sullivan of Air Force Drone Racing Team
Nicole Davies of Nicole Davies Consulting
Jen Dainer of GDI Strategies
Lee Davis of Rheinmetall Australia
Dr Huon Curtin of ASPI
Dr Bobby Cerini of Questacon – National Science and Technology Centre
Hollie Collingburn of Dept of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Govt and Planning
Mick Cook of Forge Advisory
Graham Cummins of KJR
Mark Anderson of Unknown
Beth Barratt-Browne of Omni Executive
Michele Berkhout of TAFE QLD
Cheryl Boyle of QLD Government