Violence + Profit

Increasing armed violence and instability around the world means big profits for the global weapons industry.

There is a clear and direct relationship between armed violence and economic benefits to weapons companies and their shareholders.

In December 2023, UK research centre Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) recorded 7,003 deaths and injuries from 768 incidents of explosive violence around the world. Civilians accounted for 88% of the deaths and injuries recorded.

Meanwhile, stock prices for weapons companies have surged. On 9 October – the first stock trading day following Hamas’ attacks on Israel, and as Israel began its aerial bombing of Gaza – the Aerospace/Defense sector jumped 4.6%. Lockheed Martin, RTX (Raytheon), and Northrop Grumman all saw surges in daily returns as investors saw opportunities to profit. Forbes Magazine called it “the best day in years”

Companies that profit from war have no place in education, and should not use education to sanitise and normalise their business. Learn more about the weapons industry uses  Australian STEM education to influence children and the public, visit our STEM Campaign. 

Source: Action on Armed Violence