National ban and boycott: NYSF

Teachers for Peace, Medical Association for Prevention of War, and Teachers and School Staff for Palestine call on teachers, students, and families to join a national ban and boycott of the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF).

NYSF has a long association with global weapons giant Lockheed Martin, and actively promotes NYSF to its participants. Concerns about Lockheed Martin have been raised with the NYSF leadership, but no action has been taken. By banning and boycotting NYSF, we can send a powerful message to the NYSF board: weapons companies that profit from war in Gaza and beyond have no place in education.

Take action now: click here.

The ban and boycott officially launches on 5 March 2024, the UN International Day for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Awareness. 

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the critical issue of disarmament – the reduction of the number and type of weapons in the world. Disarmament is key to enhancing peace and human security, preventing and ending wars, and reducing the immense human suffering caused by weapons.

The participation of weapons companies in education is a major barrier to disarmament. Weapons companies participate in STEM education to sanitise their industry’s image, and to normalise the development and use of weapons. Teachers for Peace works to remove their influence, and promote peaceful and productive STEM education.

Join the national ban and boycott now.