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Campaign resources, evidence of militarism in schools, guidance and support on what you can do about it.

in whose interests?

Every state and territory department of education in Australia states that it encourages corporate partnerships and other commercial arrangements with schools. It is not difficult to justify this if we view the purpose of education as being exclusively to obtain a job.

Background Briefing

How did we get here? A deeper dive into the evidence base. Please note that what follows is intended as a highlights reel, not a comprehensive list of relevant developments. 2015 – the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016–2026 was…

STEM in Defence SUmmit 2022

Our list of the STEM-Washers at this defence industry conference. The following is a list of the attendees at the STEM in Defence Summit held in Brisbane in August 2022. The speaker list included such great items as : Building…